Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Weird Stuff


.... that Sue broke her femur while jogging and has been ordered to stay off it after walking around on it for 2 weeks (or three).

.... that my children have spent a chunk of their evening watching "Amadeus". Voluntarily. As in, Normy turned it on...but they were entranced and didn't change the channel when we left the room.

.... that someone can use "totally fair and gives equal weight to all sides" when referring to someone who subs on the radio for Rush Limbaugh. Someone who would characterize himself as a Conservative (note the capital "C"). How far up your ass do you have to have your head to think someone that Rush would allow to sit in for him would be "fair and balanced"? Oh. I think I just answered my question....

.... there are actual human beings walking around among the rest of us who think that blood transfusions are akin to practicing witchcraft and devil worship. Of course, I (and other like minded folk) think it is more that they don't want to have non-white people blood coursing through their veins. Sherilyn says that explains her atheist ways....she had transfusions at birth. I think that's a hoot and a half. I totally think she should just say "Well, I DID have blood transfused at birth" when someone questions her on why she doesn't believe in God. Then watch their heads spin... (pun intended)

.... there are other human beings who say that being fingerprinted is The Mark of The Beast. Which makes me wonder.... if God gave Adam and Eve these fingerprints.... WHO'S mark is it, exactly??? I'm easily confused. Not being a Bible Literalist and all..... Cause dang if it doesn't sound like if God gave A&E the mark, and fingerprints are the Mark of the Beast.... Well, like I said... I'm easily confused.

.... Steph (I'm POSTING!!) thinks that having multiple containers of a variety of necessities is weird. On the contrary. NOT having them is weird. I mean, really. Who wants to be running to the store at 6am for more deodorant? Weird people, that's who.

.... Me. Who thinks she's actually gonna get all this Malabrigo knit up into their proper forms before the end of the year. Along with all the OTHER projects.


LivingWilde said...

YAY! You posted.

What I noticed... The married women think my "collecting" behavior is totally normal. The single ones? Not so much... Clearly, I'm just a gatherer.

Martha in CA said...

Toilet paper in bulk must be purchased when there are no less than 8-12 rolls between both bathrooms.

I don't over-do with shampoo and hand-lotion however, cuz I think sometimes they lose their "good" smell. Smell is important to me! Ample amounts of tp, paper towels, dish and laundry soap? There are no exceptions!

LivingWilde said...

oh yeah! I left dish soap off of my list... I currently have 4 containers of dish detergent. My mother brought some to my house one day thinking I was out. You can't imagine how offended I was.

Sarah Lena said...

I'm sorry.. who complains about fingerprinting?

Other than criminals?!

Elaine said...

You don't even want to know how much toilet paper I have stockpiled in this house right now. Something like 24+ rolls.

I don't stockpile other stuff; I just keep track of how much is in there and replace before it runs out. Usually, it's a surprise to Jerry, who often says something to the effect of, "I was going to ask you to get more of my shampoo, but there was a new bottle in the shower this morning!"

It's sort of a game to me -- I monitor toothpaste, shampoo, and soap. I tend to forget to monitor how much deodorant he has left, though. :)

Jaylene in KS said...

Oh, I am going to enjoy reading this, of course it is probably because 90% of the time you say what I think. And I rarely have anything stockpiled, so I am always running out of stuff. Nobodys totally perfect