Tuesday, October 18, 2005


In an odd cosmic twist, I have discussed the merits of packing twice today.

You know.... packing of clothing for a trip.

Underpack and you are totally screwed when you realize you have a key flaw in your apparel. choices.

Overpack and you are lugging half your wardrobe across a continent.

But here is a bottom line (no pun intended) non-negotiable.... There shalt be no butt funk whilst traveling.

It's one thing to be a slug and pull on yesterdays clothing when you are alone at home. It is an all together different issue when you are out in some serious public. With strangers. With collegues. With friends. EVEN with family. Because no matter WHO you are with, you are in close quarters when you are traveling.

On an airplane. In a car. In a hotel room. In a cruise ship cubbyhole. In a meeting room. In someone ELSE'S living room.

Please people. Clean underwear out there, will ya?


LivingWilde said...

JUST FOR THE RECORD.... I ALWAYS overpack underwear.

Cause that's just nasty.

Martha in CA said...


Underwear. And lots of it (in my case there is lots OF it...I just LOVE briefs...though there is nothing "brief" about 'em!). I always over-pack undies, and when I come home even the clean ones go in the dirty clothes basket! Why? Cuz I don't want to wear unders that "smell like the suitcase."

Stacy said...

omfsm... finally someone willing to talk about things of IMPORTANCE! YES! Pack underwear, and lots of it. 'Cause nothin' grows butt funk faster than riding in a car between, say (and this is totally hypothetical) Fort Worth and Austin. Sometimes, 'tis necessary to change underwear in the course of a DAY, people. Road trip necessities: lots of underwear. And those wet Cottonelle wipes aren't a bad idea, either.

Liz said...

Erma Bombeck wrote in one of her books of preparing to go on a "spontaneous" trip. Her husband seemed to believe one could declare, "We are going on a trip tomorrow!" and then sit and calmly read the newspaper.

She, on the other hand, immediately picked up her purse and headed for the store. When her husband inquired as to what she was doing, she informed him that she was going to buy the family new underwear because one COULD NOT go on a trip in old ratty underwear. If the unthinkable were to happen, one would NOT want to be in the emergency room wearing ratty underwear! She quotes her own grandmother: "That is not underwear to be hit by a car in."

Sarah Lena said...

Wow, it's been so long since I thought of Erma Bombeck. She was one of my favorite writers when I was younger.. she could definitely induce some belly laughs.