Thursday, October 20, 2005

"Nancy Needs"

Stealing content from The Great and Wonderful Cowtown Stacy....again.

Try this at home. Go to Google and type in "[your name] needs"...except without the brackets. Kinda like the title of this entry, except with your own name.

Nancy needs to make sure that her Mom understands Nancy's message. Well...yea. But if Nancy's mom doesn't understand the message, Nancy's mom always asks for clarification. So that's covered.

All Nancy needs is to wolf down a three-thousand calorie dessert and bring the silver. No. Nancy does not need to wolf down a 3000 calorie anything. But I can bring the silver...

Nancy wants Susan to pass her the kettle. Now this made me laugh. Cause Sue is always trying decide if she is the pot or the kettle and has pretty much decided that she is the kettle. Which makes me ask: "What did you say to Jen NOW, Sue??"

You calculated that Nancy needs 2097 kilocalories per day. She is receiving 3060 kilocalories per day. Therefore she is getting too many calories. Yea! See... one dessert and I'm over the limit.

All Nancy needs is a peanut butter sandwich, a box of crayons, and some paper to be happy. Yea...that will do it.

Nancy needs help choosing snake to breed. No. No she doesn't. Cause if she does, Nancy will need a divorce lawyer. (Dibs on Hal!)

Nancy needs to "bite the bullet" and let her boss know that, as a supervisor, she believes it is her obligation to work with Myra. Um. Ok....

Nancy needs the exact same hardware in both machines for the servers to work together. Um. Ok... Stupid Windows.....

There is to be a cookout, and Nancy needs to prepare
the campfire, which is a multi-step process.
I'm pretty sure that Nancy shalt not prepare any sort of campfire. But she can if she has to.

Nancy needs to wake up. I'm TRYING. It's barely noon.... give me a break.

Nancy needs to allow herself to be known. You mean there is someone out there that does NOT know me? How'd that happen?

And finally....

Nancy needs saving by George Clooney and wants to listen to Schubert, too. Well.... DUH!


Elaine said...

"Elaine needs" generates a bunch of Seinfeld episodes.

LivingWilde said...

Nancy needs to update!!! :-)

SonSon said...

LOL livingwilde!

Neat post. I'm gonna try it.