Monday, October 17, 2005

That Was Fun

"That was fun."

"She was nice. I like her."

"And she's pretty!"

That would be Emma's summary of dinner with Steph. Maybe it is because Steph gave Emma a sign language name. Maybe it's because it WAS fun, she IS nice, we DO like her...and yes, she is pretty.

Emma and I just had plain ol' fun driving up Hwy 50.... until there was an accident that was going to have the highway closed for 2-3 hours right at Echo Summit. We were able to take an old road and get around it, thank goodness. Cause otherwise it would have been faster to go back to Sacramento and go up I-80!

We stopped for a potty break and snacks at the Raley's at the Y and stopped periodically as we drove around the lake for photos and lake looking at-ing.

Squaw Valley in fall colors was spectacular.

I told Steph that I've been to Tahoe maybe a handful of times in the winter. But I've spent many SUMMERS there. The Tahoe I know is a summer lake, summer foliage.

The only questions that remain are these....

Why do we stay away? Why are we not up there several times a year? Why do we let the jewel of the Sierras just 'be there' without us?

Oh. And Emma is now very impressed with herself. She now knows someone, other than Gramma, who lives in another state.

And she's pretty.....


LivingWilde said...

You just have no idea how SWOLLEN my ego is now!! ;-)

But I can relate in worse fashion... We live not 5 miles from Monte Sano State Park, which is beautiful, and the kids love it. And how often have we been there in the past year? Once. It really is a shame. We're just too busy. :-(

Sarah Lena said...

I'm better than Steph. The trails at Monte Sano wear the dogs out somethin' fierce, so we take the dogs once a month during the spring and fall.

But we also don't have MIKE to contend with.. :)

Elaine said...

We were just up at Monte Sano on Friday and Saturday until bedtime. And yeah, it's a resource we definitely don't take advantage of enough.

LivingWilde said...

My ego is sufficiently busted. Sarah said, "I'm better than Steph."
Of course you are, darling.


Sarah Lena said...

ONLY in this instance am I better than Steph. I should've clarified.

And, sometimes, fashion.

But that's IT.

LivingWilde said...

Not today, baby. I'm hot. Mega hot. I've gotten cat called TWICE.

COSTCO (muahahaha) had these pants in two others colors. I'm SO buying them when I get back....