Thursday, October 13, 2005

Evil Mother

That would be me. I am the Evil Mother.

I torture my poor child.

Made her (read= paid actual cash money) take a knitting lesson.

I did this evil thing because, well.... she wanted to learn to knit. And I'm sure not gonna teach her. Nor did she WANT me to "teach" her.

Do you want me to have Mrs. Bowen give you a lesson?


So the Evil Mother arranged for said lesson and paid for said lesson.

Good thing Mrs. Bowen has a good sense of humor and four children of her own. Sulking through a lesson is poor form.

I had to FINALLY knock on the door and say "HEY! I'm PAYING for you to sit in there and pee!". The child came out, properly contrite.... and gunned another glass of water.

The irony here is she has NO OBJECTION to knitting. She does have an objection to purling....but I totally understand that. But she WANTS to create knitted objects. She just doesn't want to LEARN how to make that happen.

And I KNOW that if and when she ever gets that felted purse done and felted... she's gonna be so dang proud of herself and just love it.......

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