Thursday, March 09, 2006

Stacy might be a girl...but I know another one

Ol' Normylicious Dirpus read poor Stacy's account of a spider IN HER SHIRT and blogged the following:

Girls. Sheesh!

Uh huh. One word, bub.


We useta live in a house with a backyard. We useta have a lovable Bassett Hound named Molly. Molly was the mellow sort. Not prone to histrionics at all. Not a barker. Not a howler, much. So my attention was immediately attracted when she started frantically barking in the backyard. I looked out the window and thought "the dog has gone looney" cause she was indeed frantically barking.

At the ground.

Her nose was almost in the dirt. Probably would have been if she could have barked in that position.

I sent the child out to investigate. She looked. Took a giant step backward and said:

It's a snake.

{SIGH} Now I gotta deal with it.... okey fine....

I got the leather gardening gloves out because you never know with wild critters. I pulled the dog away and shut her in the garage. (which immediately caused her to calm down, probably took a nap.) The snake was coiled up tight with its head down the center of the coil. You could see it breathing hard or its heart beating hard. I picked it up and pet it. I could see and feel it relax.

I determined it was of the 'garden' or 'garter' variety. (Dirp is reading this and thinking... You weren't SURE???!!!! It might have been a KING COBRA!!!!) I took my glove off and pet it some more and encouraged the child to do the same. As the snake relaxed it started to uncoil and so we took it to the back fence and showed it the way out the fence into the garden behind us where it could slither free of raving Bassett Hounds.

I related this story pretty much the same as I have here to Dirp when he got home. And when I got to the part about letting the snake go free....he came unglued.

WHAT??? You LET IT GO??? You didn't get a shovel and pound it until it was DEAD???

Uh. No.

Then he remembered the part about the snake touching HIS gloves.

Dirpus got new gloves......

Yea... Stacy was a big ol' girl. But at least that critter was IN HER SHIRT....


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