Sunday, March 19, 2006

Blood Letting

Today was the Blood Drive at church. Sundays being Sundays, we signed up for one of the first slots. 8:45.

This is a mistake. Do not try to donate blood first thing in the morning. Whenever that may be for you. On Sundays, 8:45 is first thing. On a weekday, it would be mid-morning. I got up, got dressed and went to donate blood.

I had no water save that which I gulped after brushing my teeth. We tend to wake up on the dehydrated side of things.

One woman ahead of us couldn't donate because she was too dehydrated. They were worried about my ability for the same reason. No vein on the right side. They found one on the left. Of course it gave willingly and profusely once they found it.

Normy was ineligible because today is day 10 of his 10 day course of antibiotics after getting bit by that highstrung overgrown rodent of a dog our neighbors have.

But I am feeling that dehydration. I drank my orange juice. I had some Goldfish crackers and some Cracker Jack. But I almost passed out getting the fixings for lunch today at the grocery store on the way home. I am sitting quietly and consuming liquids now. I wasn't going to go to church because Emma is home feeling puny.... but I don't think it would be a good idea for me to go anyway.

Donate blood. It's a good thing.

Just make sure you're well hydrated.

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