Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Kaitlyn takes zero period Spanish. That means, she has school before school starts. It allows her to take an extra elective. But it means school starts for her at 6:55am. I drive her. It's generally dark and cold, and today it was also rainy, at that time of day. I usually stumble out of bed and go wait for her in the car while heating up the seat heaters.

Today I overslept and she was w.a.i.t.i.n.g. for me. {SIGH} Great annoyance. Fortunately for her I was only about 25% awake and had only a vague impression of all this going on.

Norm turns on the news when he leaves for work for me. The idea is that people talking in my room will wake me up. It usually works... The impression that it wasn't Walt Gray, but Matt Lauer speaking is what woke me up on September 11 just in time to see the second plane hit on live TV.

In my quasi-awake state this morning I was fully aware when the announcement of the death of Dana Reeve was made. Loudly, I said "OH! NO!" and Kaitlyn came running (as much as one can run with a 25 pound backpack on...) Surely she was worried I had done something to further delay our departure....

"That poor boy...he's about Emma's age...." (actually more her age, but it was early and I couldn't remember)

And suddenly she was more relaxed about the whole getting to school thing. Will Reeve woke up this morning without parents. His mom wouldn't be taking him to school at any time today. In an instant she got that. And as I dropped her off at 6:45, her usual time, she said, as usual.... "Thanks...love you..." But maybe with a bit more gratitude in her heart.

Rest in peace Dana and Chris. We'll all be watching over your boy....

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Sarah Lena said...

So honestly, Chris's passing touched me much more than Dana's. But Bryan was severely mourning the loss of Superman's wife. And all of the pictures of their son.. who is a spitting image of his mother and father, both.. made it hit home.

She was a picture of grace and strength. And I can't wait for stem cell research to be realized, so the Reeve Foundation can be recognized for the huge strides it's made.