Sunday, March 26, 2006

Great and Wonderful

She's kinda embarrassed by the nickname she has acquired. But everytime I click on "The Great and Wonderful Cowtown Stacy" I say to myself.... Yes. Yes she is.

She is Great and Wonderful mostly because she is the kindest person I know. She is NOT nice. Don't call her nice. She gets...well, not nice about it. But she is most definitely kind.

She is unlikely to call anyone on an injustice done to her. She is very quick to come to the defense when she sees an injustice done to others. But it breaks my heart to see her taken advantage of. That kindness being used against her. I (and others) have often offered to take up her cause but she has asked we not. Lest it make the situation worse. So we just stew about it instead.

She is kind because she had a vacation planned. A get away. But an emergency happened. An emergency near her vacation spot. She forgo the kind of vacation she had planned to sit with a friend at the hospital. She brought her sunny disposition and wicked sense of humor to a very worried wife as she waited for her husband to come through brain surgery. If for no other reason, that makes her Great and Wonderful.

I could list all the reasons she qualifies for that title. But I'm sure you have other things to do today. Suffice it to say... the list is long.

So here's a shout out and a bit of (inadequate) recognition.

Who is your Great and Wonderful?

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Martha in CA said...

I agree with absolutely everything you said, Nancy! She really is Great AND Wonderful! Love her big bunches!