Friday, December 02, 2005

AOL Meets The Turino Olympics

This is what happens when you can SEE the TV but not HEAR the TV.

"What are they doing with those CD's?"

A while back, there was a campaign to send all those AOL CD's that arrive, unbidden, in your mailbox either BACK to AOL or to some group who was going to then dump them on AOL headquarter's front step.

Leave it to the IOC to put them to better use.

I've seen a real live, honest to goodness Olympic medal. It belonged (well, still belongs) to Dana Schoenfield. Dana was the youth group leader when I was in High School. Silver in the 200m breaststroke. You probably have never heard of her because you were either focused on her teammate, Mark Spitz, or the terrorists that killed the Israeli athletes. But that Olympic medal looked like an Olympic medal. Felt like one too.

It remembers the Greek heritage of the Olympic Games. It's SOLID. According to Sports Illustrated the hole in the middle is supposed to represent the open space of an Italian piazza.


I thought this was about the athletes. I thought this was about the games. My error. It's about SITTING AROUND IN THE CITY SQUARE.

But of course.

So having a computer disk as a medal is appropriate. Sit around on your butt is the new message of the Olympic games.

So here's something for my Christmas letter this year.

I am an Olympic caliber athelete. Who knew? But I can SO sit around on my ass with the best of them......

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