Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Have I mentioned how much I hate the phone. Email. Email is good. Texting is good. Phone is bad.

I use to like the phone. But the phone has turned against me. People who have no right, moral or legal, to use my phone number use it incessently. I blame the Republicans. They seem to call A LOT. Usually it's the Governor. I wasn't a fan of the Governor when he was someone who ought HAVE fans. I'm even less of a fan now that he's Governor.

But the damn thing rings and rings and rings. I don't even flinch when it rings anymore. It's become the yahoo mail of phones. I give out the number willynilly cause I ain't gonna answer the thing. Those who REALLY need to get in touch will call my cell like a proper human. Or email like a smart human.

We got tired of the incessent calling and decided that Caller ID was for us. We're gonna see who's calling. Not that it's actually helped yet.

But we have phones. For people who hate the phone, we have PHONES.

Land line wise, you are never more than 6 steps from a phone. One in the kitchen, one in the family room (separated by maybe 20 feet). If you get distracted on your way from the kitchen to the family room, no worries, there is one in the living room.

Upstairs there is one in our bedroom, one in my workroom and one in Normy's office.

And of course we each have a cell phone.

Tell me.... is 10 phones for 4 people excessive???

....and I'm not EVEN counting the old rotary one that is supposed to be in the garage but hasn't gotten hooked up in the new house (that is pushing 7 years old) quite yet.


Stacy said...

Excessive? Yah. LOL!

We have two - 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs. Both cordless. And 2 cell phones - 1 for me and 1 for Dani. Darren doesn't want one.

I love getting texts, but hate sending them. So, as you've learned, if you text me, I'm more likely to call you back than text you back. Sorry 'bout that. Me not so smart human. :D

Nancy D. said...

Addendum: Certain witches excepted.

Kim said...

I'll trade you the Democrats that keep calling me for your Republicans.

Call me to arrange that trade :)

Nancy D. said...

You have to take Arnold.....