Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Basketball and Sorority Teas; A Comparison

There are many clues that will lead you to determine whether you are at a professional basketball game or a sorority tea party.

Let us review:

There is more sweat at a basketball game. Raw, unadulterated sweat. The kind that comes from physical exertion. Not perspiration. Not a "glow". Sweat.

Ten men or women are running back and forth in a basketball game. They have a round orange ball. They throw the ball around. Sometimes they put it into a metal hoop with a net looking thing hanging down. This is called "the basket".

There is a lot of yelling at a basketball game. Lots. Not polite applause... raucous yelling and cheering.

The entire assembled body of people are likely to suddenly jump to their feet and yell in celebration or righteous indignation at a basketball game.

At a sorority tea, one might discuss one's plans for the weekend. One might discuss how events of the past week transpired. One will find friends at a sorority tea. No doubt one will love to chat and catch up with these friends at a sorority tea.

But girls.... let's pay attention. Let us distinguish between a BASKETBALL game and a SORORITY tea. And when I say "girls" I mean "you men who keep chatting like a bunch of girls at a sorority tea".

It's happened twice now. Once at the Kings vs Pacers game in March. Again tonight at the Monarchs vs. Liberty game.


Tonight's Chatty Cathy's show up AT HALFTIME and then chit chat.

There is something very very wrong with this picture. These MEN, who we can only presume paid their money (and those Kings seats were $165 per) to go to a SPORTING EVENT, are chit chatting while *I*, sports fan not so much, am trying to watch the game. Stay home and have your visit. Because us WOMEN want to watch the game. We're trying to see. We're trying to hear what that moronic call by the ref was, exactly.


I should not know about the soccer games and the marital problems and the new investments and the deals about to be made.

Good grief. The 12 year olds with us paid more attention.....

Monarchs 59
Liberty 46

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