Thursday, December 14, 2006


Is that big spring necessary for the garage door to work AT ALL?


If I'm gonna be able to get my car out of aforementioned garage.

Yep. Damn if that door ain't heavy..... And boy am I glad I've been weight training.

How long it's gonna take for the garage door people who put a sticker on our garage door to come out to fix the spring on the garage door.

Wednesday. Only one full day without an operating garage door. Excellent. Especially considering the inclement weather.

Why a large explosion of metal didn't cause anyone except me & Kait to wonder what the hell that noise was.

Still unanswered.

How much a new monster spring on a garage door is gonna cost.


How much having someone come and install said spring on said garage door is gonna cost.

$99 for parts AND labor. Again with the "excellent".

How much more room is on my To Do list.

See next entry.....

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