Saturday, October 21, 2006


There is a commercial currently running. I'm not even sure what they are advertising. Maybe a car. But Dad is putting Daughter into the car. Daughter is talking. About everything and nothing. Just running on and on.

It cracks us up, the grownups around here.

Emma didn't see why we thought it was funny. So I explained. I told her it's funny to parents because it happens to us all. the. time. Our children are telling us Important Things but it's really not much of anything but we feel obligated to listen anyway.

I could tell she still didn't get it.

Then we went to JoAnn's for Halloween paraphanalia. Only one register open and it was a return without a receipt. There was a Young Girl about age 3 with Mom With No Receipt. Young Girl zeroed in on Emma as her target.

Emma was polite and made the right noises. "uh huh. oh. uh huh." I really didn't pay attention. I'm waiting. to. pay.

We get in the car and Emma says "Now I know what you meant about little kids who talk to you and don't really say anything."

Uh huh.

She UNDERSTANDS now. She didn't say anything about stopping this habit herself...


Martha in CA said...

It's an ad for Volvo. Cracks me up to...especially when you can still hear her when dad is outside walking around to get in the car! Hopefully the Volvo has insulation so that IRL you could get two seconds of silence!

I'd just like to know why it is when you're asking the questions, they don't seem to divulge any info, but when they're talking about something of no interest, they do it in painful detail.

Bless their hearts.

Jean said...

Volvo has another ad in the same's Dad teaching the daughter to drive (much older daughter, different dad...)

It's also wonderful because it's so painfully true.

I'm hoping they have several more such ads in the pipeline.