Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I hate being sick. Most of the time I can muddle through at about 80%. But when I'm sick sick... I'm flat out.

I'm sick sick.

I have slept away the past two days. I MUST go up to the school and plug in my computer so Emma can run her Keynote presentation on Nancy Drew - The Eskimo's Secret through the school TV system. So I shall have to bathe even.

Hopefully I will be able to do BOTH of those things, bathe and go sit at the school and click the computer, without passing out. I expect to sleep the rest of the afternoon.

This isn't good. I have to work AND coordinate a wedding rehearsal Friday. AND leave town Friday - Monday (with a quick trip to coordinate the wedding on Saturday) so there is laundry that must be done and scrapbooking stuff to gather together.

Tomorrow I have a hair appointment. And Kaitlyn's Powder Puff Football game.

I hate being sick. I just don't have time.


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LivingWilde said...

Sorry, Nancy. Kryptonite effects even the strongest.... :-( Get well soon.