Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Summer... as it ought to be

Today, Emma and I shared a salad for lunch. Salad is good for lunch in the summer. We had been running errands and stopped at the store for dinner fixin's and got salad fixin's. Emma decided that sundried tomatoes ARE good after all.

Then she went swimming this afternoon.

Came home for dinner.

Went back for more swimming.

Tomorrow there will be some more necessary errands to be run in preparation for that other summer necessity... vacation. Getting away. Sleeping in a bed not your own, vacation. In this case, they will both be going to visit Aunt Sharon for a week. All are very excited.

When they return it will be back to a grueling schedule of sleeping late (very late if one is a teen) and playing with friends late.

Tentative plans for swimming in a cement pond out in the boonies and inviting The Boy to join us.... all good, all good.

Friday is our last, last day of school.


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Martha in CA said...

Ceeement pond in the boonies awaits an opening in the schedules! You're welcome any time!