Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I can knit. Believe me, no one is more surprised by that statement than I.

Tonight I went to our local knit shop and sat around with other knitters and knitted. I learned a new way to join when you have to end a skein and start a new one. DAMN fine and nearly invisible way. Totally worth the price of admission. Which was nothin'.

I will start working there soon. At this point, this is good. I'm thinking some silks might be in order.... They are beautiful and, well, silky. And are horrendously expensive. I bought a hank of some beautiful hand dyed wool...dyed by women in Uruguay. The color is "Flirtation" which is supposed to describe a light purpley color. I also got the pattern for a felted purse that takes less than a hank of wool hand dyed by women in Uruguay.

You can be oh so self righteously politically correct when knitting. Especially if you use the handmade ebony needles made by women in Vietnam or the needles made from renewable Birch trees in California. Then knit something with Peace Fleece or from Uruguay or Honderus. Make hats for preemies out of some of that and you'll just need to find a place to hang your halo.

Meanwhile, I'm just working on my very pink tote bag with some factory produced wool yarn on some factory produced bamboo needles. Eh.... eventually I'll be more righteous in my knitting.

(can I post photos on this thing? I'll have to find out....)

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Elaine said...

Please share the invisible way to join ends. Or is it a visual thing?