Friday, October 17, 2008

Red Balloons

Sometime in the next few days hundreds, if not thousands, of red balloons are going to be released around the world. You may see one float overhead.

They are for Danny. A five year old boy who woke up four days ago throwing up and screaming in pain. By that evening he was in a coma following emergency brain surgery for the tumor on his brain stem. Overnight last night, three children received his organs.

On Monday he was feeling kinda like maybe he had the flu. On Friday his parents are making funeral arrangements.

I cannot imagine.

Our wonderful worldwide ScrapShare community will be releasing red balloons for Danny. Those who are even remotely close enough, are dropping everything to be at the services on behalf of us all. Cards are being sent with gift cards for groceries and other essentials so Danny's dad can take plenty of time off work to be with his wife and daughter and try to find a new normal.

One of our SS children is gone. Our hearts break.


Cali said...

Beautiful post Nancy.

Elaine said...


I'm so glad you let me know about this while we were out of town. I said many prayers for Danny and his family and hugged my girls extra tight.