Friday, July 14, 2006

Party At The Palms

What? Me & Marfy don't look like Paris and Tara? Hmph.

No matter.... we don't want their blonde, skinny butts hanging with us ANYWAY.

But we floated around the cement pond. We drank adult beverages. We ate (HA! Paris and Tara don't get to do THAT) steak and corn picked fresh that morning.... topped it off with homemade vanilla ice cream.

Good times..... Good times indeed.

....and this time we let the children and menfolk join us!


Dirpus said...

And now that this manfolk has seen how nice it is out in the boonies, just try to go out there again without me.

Unless of course you go while I'm at work.

Or playing golf.

Or at some volunteer committee meeting.

I'm detecting a flaw in my logic.

Martha in CA said...

We loved having y'all! You're welcome any time!

And bring ice cream!! Oink, oink!!